Instructional Learning Lab

Instructional Learning Lab

Mission Statement:

All students of the St. Landry Parish School System will gain knowledge and skills for success through the use of instructional learning programs, computers and other electronic educational technologies.


Computer Lab is an extension of the classroom.  Students practice the Common Core State Standards and Louisiana Grade Level Expectations and skills that they are learning in the classroom using 21st century tools.  Classes attend Computer Lab at least twice a week.





Online Tools Training (OTT)

The Online Tools Training (OTT) is designed to provide and introductory online experience for student
testing in grades 3rd - 8th.  Students and teachers can access this valuable tool through INSIGHT to
become familiar with the online testing tools prior to engaging in the online practice tests. Parents this valuable
tool can also be access at home.
Follow the instructions below:
  • Log on to the website using google chrome:
  • Click on the online tools training under the leap practice test logo
  • Select a content area, and then select a grade level.
  • Once the program opens, students should enter the Username and Password

      displayed on the sign-in screen.  A sample of the screen is shown below:

Parents/students the OTT can be reviewed as many times as desired.